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Tom Kerridge

Aaron’s view point on the industry and the every day problems that we face regarding staff care, responsibility and recruitment is incredibly forward thinking.

Having been in the industry himself, and driving a kitchen at the highest level, he understands the daily conditions, situations, and circumstances that not only the employer but the employees face. Turning recruitment inside out and working within the industry and having the industry’s best interests at heart, is what separates Tastie Recruitment from the rest.

Creating a network of likeminded, hospitality sector professionals that are building foundations for the future and strengthen the business market place for the employer. This long term vision enables a cost effective solution to the collective situation that our industry finds itself in during these new times.

Understanding individuals and not seeing people as a number or just a position within a brigade is nothing new for the conscientious employer but for that individual to have that level of understanding to come from a recruitment side will help them believe that their future is in safe hands. A career path can be designed and dedicated to suit individuals with the guidance that comes from Tastie Recruitment and its network of caring, dedicated, award winning, market leading hospitality outlets. Whether it’s restaurant, hotel or pubs, the future of recruitment is now back in to the hands of this wonderful industry.

Paul Ainsworth

I’ve known Aaron for a very long time.

Over the years I have been able to witness first-hand what a fantastic leader of people and great head chef he is, always keeping his ship in immaculate order.

In my experience, the best people to work with in the hospitality industry are those who have done their time front of house or in the kitchen, and who have catering and hospitality in their blood. That perfectly describes Aaron, who is now diversifying down a slightly different career path but will forever have a true understanding of our industry – tough and challenging at times, but also rewarding and fulfilling.

Aaron’s experience working at the very highest level, combined with his great leadership skills, offers employers and employees a unique opportunity in terms of recruitment.

Too often recruitment is about numbers; it is rare for someone in hospitality recruitment to have his depth of knowledge to offer those who want to employ great people, or progress in the industry themselves.

What he is offering is a bespoke, personal and tailored professional hospitality recruitment service. I shall certainly be personally supporting Aaron from day 1. With his expert knowledge, and what I have learned about him over the years, I know his venture will be a huge success.

Michael Wignall

This is a fresh look at recruitment, an ongoing problem in our industry.

Tastie offers a much more affordable and trustworthy approach to recruiting staff. Having known Aaron for many years, he has an impressive background in the industry and so, you can trust and be confident that the candidates he’s recommending, are right for you and your business.
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