Tastie Community.

what we set out to do

Tastie® will be in constant communication with its community, ensuring there are ongoing opportunities that allow people to progress and develop in their career. We understand that, more often than not, the business will know when the time is right for its team members to move, grow and develop into a new role.

The aim of the tastie community is to become a network of outstanding businesses and fantastic people. We believe this will help to reduce the unwanted stress when recruiting, being sure you have to right candidate for the right role. Our focus is on building strong relationships between candidates and clients to ensure a smooth transition.

The way social media channels are used to communicate, post and share new ideas, is the same way we want the hospitality industry to use Tastie®, in order to create an open network that champions and develops its new stars.

We want Tastie® to be a hotbed for the very best in UK hospitality. We are here to help find the right role for you – no matter what stage in your career you’re at. This will make our industry stronger and able to carry on being one of the greatest culinary nations in the world.

Aaron’s background is firmly in high-end hospitality, having worked as a chef for the best part of 20 years. As a head chef at the renowned Hand and Flowers Michelin-starred pub, a key part of his role was to recruit the right personnel and develop them both personally and professionally. For any business, a strong team is the key factor for success and growth; Aaron and the Tastie team have a great understanding of this and will use this skill to make your business and our industry a better one.

As a company that is endorsed and used by the very best in the industry, Tastie® will be known as THE place to find the perfect job, and one that cares about all that is great in hospitality.

We will be in contact with you and your team to make sure we are in sync with your people, find out how everyone is getting on and to make sure your requirements are being met. The more we communicate, the more we understand about your people.

Founder, Aaron Mulliss, explains: “Something that bugged me in the kitchen was what really happened to the people who left after a short period of time. These situations usually occur when people feel the job or level of establishment is too much for them – which is perfectly understandable, however the reality is that the role is not right for them right now, through regular communication we will make it our responsibility to find candidates the right space to develop, and equip them with the tools to progress their career the way they want it to progress.”

One thing that is paramount for our mental wellness is been in the right job at the right time for our personal and professional development, when we are happy in our work we perform at our optimum. Poor recruitment or job choice is detrimental to our Mental health.

Through personal experience of time spent in professional kitchens as a manager you can see when people start to get into a rut which can later manifest itself into something much bigger, as previously mentioned we know as managers when the time is right for people to move on to new pastures to aid in their personal growth and development, this in turn keeps the mind fresh and focused for new and exciting challenges. It will be our role at Tastie to find both candidate and client the right fit.

From building this open and honest network the moving and replacement of great people will no longer be an issue.

As a company our chosen charity will be Hospitality Action where we will support them to carry on with the fantastic work they already do within the industry, as well as bringing as much awareness to the other great initiatives and focus groups being created.

Tastie® wants to be the place to go to for the best job opportunities in hospitality. To do this we will build a community of like-minded businesses, giving both the people and establishments who join us the best chance to develop and continue to succeed.

By being a part of this community we can make a positive change to some of the vital issues that we are faced with. We believe Tastie® will have a huge impact on the way recruitment is viewed and used in the hospitality industry. But, more importantly, we believe it will have a huge impact on the development and wellbeing of the talented, hard-working people we need in the industry – who will contribute to the success of your business and the future of hospitality.

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