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Hospitality has never faced something as devastating as COVID-19, we are slowly rebuilding our incredible industry, however this pandemic has left a huge amount of people, some of them dear friends, without jobs and this has a huge effect on the way we manage our lives.

As the founder of Tastie and someone who has a huge love and passion for our incredible industry, I want to utilise my time to the best of my ability, to do that I want to hear from as many hospitality professionals or people looking to get into the industry as possible, whether it’s a telephone conversation, email or a chat on social media.

As we do our very best to find great opportunities in these trying times, we want to offer as much support, advice and guidance as we can so when that role does become available you can grab it with both hands.

Whether it’s from personal experiences through these new challenging times, from the first pot wash job, the 3 days spent working at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay then running to Sloane Square tube station, or the journey a team went on to get 2 Michelin stars, all these experiences offer life lessons and the more we communicate the better equipped we can be to deal with them.

It is so important in these times to maintain focus and make sure we are communicating. Together we will come out of this stronger with even more passion and drive to succeed.

Aaron Mulliss, We Are Tastie.

...need to talk? we are here.

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